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Cities as Brains

As cities get bigger, their capacity to innovate (hence their wealth) appears to scale super-linearly (with their size).  But the idea that ‘big cities’ have ‘big brains’ and are smarter, is problematic as is their scaling and allometry. Read Changizi … Continue reading

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Movies Are Now Online

Put my experiments with movies online. The current one is that based on linking our desktop LUTI model to Google Earth. Click here. No sound yet and still getting used to the capture. Click to explore the full Tyndall & … Continue reading

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The Oldest Flow Map

…. according to the great cartographer Arthur Robinson, the two maps of traffic between Dublin and the rest of Ireland by Lt. Harness of the British Army in 1837, are the oldest. Mapped for the Irish Railway Commissioners prior to … Continue reading

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Visualising Fast Flows

Aaron Koblin has produced some fantastic animations of airline flows reminiscent of some of Joan Serras’ work on our SIMULACRA blog. Check out Aaron’s flow stuff. He uses Google Maps to zoom in and out. Also dig into his web … Continue reading

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Procedures to Generate Fractal Cityscapes

For a decade or more, computer scientists have used procedural logics (grammars) to generate urban morphologies. The paper by Li and Miller uses such recursive procedures similar to those we used a while ago to generate fractal cityscapes. Watch their … Continue reading

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