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The Oldest Flow Map

…. according to the great cartographer Arthur Robinson, the two maps of traffic between Dublin and the rest of Ireland by Lt. Harness of the British Army in 1837, are the oldest. Mapped for the Irish Railway Commissioners prior to … Continue reading

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Visualising Fast Flows

Aaron Koblin has produced some fantastic animations of airline flows reminiscent of some of Joan Serras’ work on our SIMULACRA blog. Check out Aaron’s flow stuff. He uses Google Maps to zoom in and out. Also dig into his web … Continue reading

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Movements from Point Data

Constructing flows from where people are located at different points in time is usually hard and often impossible for large populations. You can only do it for individuals if you know the actual locations and order visited: posted on vimeo, … Continue reading

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Cities as Biologies

The analogy between the city and the human body goes back to Leonardo. The heart of the city, said Victor Gruen, pumps its people as flows of traffic to keep it energized as an exchange mechanism. Great visualization of the … Continue reading

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The Social Physics of Movement

Anil Bawa-Cavia, on CASA’s SCALE project, is researching data from the social networking site FourSquare. At the PURBA last week, he won the prize for the best doctoral paper. Read it. Full-text PDF size: 688 Kb.

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