These are PDFs of all my recent powerpoint presentations

Many of these have been successively updated and therefore I have simply included the most recent under generic titles relating to CASA’s general research programme. This includes a lot of material on multi-media and visualisation as well as a Science of Cities. I note them in terms of when they were last presented and there are some that date back to 2000. I have only included those given in the last 18 months and as we go back in time, there are less as more recent build on those given earlier. There are more to come.

Visualising Space-Time Dynamics: Plots and Clocks, Graphs and Maps, Paris, May 2011, GeoComputation at UCL, July 2011  Full-text PDF size: 688 Kb

Fractals, CA and Complexity, Guildford, May 2011   Full-text PDF size: 2.1 Mb

e-Social Science, Web 2 and Cities, Oxford, May 2011   Full-text PDF size: 1.4 Mb

The Simplest SIMULACRA Land Use Transport Model (Arcadia), Cambridge, May 2011   Full-text PDF size: 610 Kb

Maps. Models and Multi-Media: Visualisation and Web 2, Vermont and OSU, April 2011  Full-text PDF size: 1.7 Mb

Network Cities, COMPLEX in UCL December 2010  Full-text PDF size: 1388  Kb

Local Movement and Bikeability, Copenhagen, December 2010   Full-text PDF size: 788 Kb

Smart Cities, IBM at UCL, November 2010   Full-text PDF size: 677 Kb

Spatial Complexity, COSMIC Project, Brussels, November 2010   Full-text PDF size: 245 Kb

The Tyndall Cities Land Use Transport Model, CSIS, Tokyo, November 2010  Full-text PDF size: 880 Kb

Trends in GIS, RITS, Kyoto, October, 2010   Full-text PDF size: 1133 Kb

The Future of Technology, Skype at U Michigan, September 2010   Full-text PDF size: 813 Kb

The Dynamics of Skyscrapers,  Cambridge, May 2010 Full-text PDF size: 429 Kb

Scaling and Entropy, ASU May 2010  Full-text PDF size: 150 Kb

Darwin, Evolution and Cities, TU Delft, September 2009  Full-text PDF size: 832 Kb