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Complexity and All Things Like That

Past Glimpses of Chaos, Complexity and Tipping Points

Great Talk by Paul Ormerod at Durham on Tipping Points in Financial Systems, quoting Keynes in 1937 who said: “Actually, however, we have, as a rule, only the vaguest idea of any but the most direct consequences of our acts.” Read … Continue reading

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The Urban Systems Collaborative

The Urban Systems Collaborative has just launched its blog – ideas about where a science of cities meets planning practice will emerge from this site. Note the focus on Smart Cities, Intelligent Cities, Paul Romer on Charter Cities. Good summary … Continue reading

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On Complexity

Nobel Prize Winner Herbert Simon said, in one of his last contributions: “The theory of complex systems is perhaps going to look more like biology, with its myriad of species and of proteins, than physics, with its overreaching generalizations.” Excellent … Continue reading

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Architecture in the Science of Cities

A significant movement in architecture deals with complexity theory with strong resonance to a science of cities. In 2004, the journal Katarxis Nº 3 reported this new wave with extracts from the writings of Jacobs, Salingaros, and Alexander.

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Complex Dynamics of Urban Systems: Interesting Work going on in Australia at CSIRO and other places. Strong energy focus which relates to flows and fluxes, one of the key foci of the new science. Click on the image to bring up … Continue reading

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